Want to test PR-ZM it out?

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Help test and grow PR-ZM

So you wanna help out?

Here is what you have to do:

  • Spend sometime looking at both the mobile and desktop prototype of PR-ZM (See below).
  • Check out this cool User Testing Survey and fill it out!
  • Write back what you think is cool about it and what you think stunk!
  • Pat yourself on your back for me:)

Note: have fun and please don’t hold back…

Mobile Prototype

Desktop Prototype



PR-ZM’s Market Research


Hello. In this PDF I go over the market research for PR-ZM. Looking at cool information and graphs talking about how PR-ZM will reach its audience! Enjoy:)


PR-ZM: Marketing Plan

PR-ZM is the designer’s hub; a website dedicated to giving you constant updates with news, trends and inspiration. PR-ZM will spotlight artists from around the globe to help promote and network through a beautifully designed website and application.

Across the world, thousands of artists are being unrecognized because of mainstream design websites. Opinionated and reluctant, these other websites will only choose to spotlight the “popular” artist’s work, undermining very talented artists because they don’t have a large follower count and won’t help to promote the website spotlighting these artists. PR-ZM will break this barrier.

PR-ZM’s target audience are known as content creators. 46% of its target audience post original photos, art, and videos online; that they themselves have created. This statistic will drive PR-ZM. Its large community of creators will inspire and promote people to view PR-ZM’s site. Because, as described by millennialmarketing.com, “Useful is the new cool” its target audience values brands that enhance their lives and new websites and applications must serve a purpose in order to be considered “cool”.

PR-ZM will not only update users with news and trends, we also hope to entertain using media such as PR-ZM spotlight videos. Studies have shown more than 80% of our target audience wants a brand to entertain them.

40% of PR-ZM’s target audience wants to participate in co-creation of products and brands. Meaning artists and designers who participate in PR-ZM’s 30-Day Challenge, will feel a sense of co-creation, showing off their work to others causing growth of PR-ZM.

Methodology and Timeline


Methodology –

PR-ZM is a huge project with a lot of details. Because of the short timeline, this project will use an Agile Methodology. Meaning PR-ZM will be tested, designed then developed. From that PR-ZM will learn and go through the same process over and over again until completion.



Captivate Final Project

Learn how to quickly and easily save images for web using photoshop.

In this project, I used Captivate to show you how to save images for web using Photoshop. A very optimistic character, “Wormy” will show you the way:)

Animation Plan

Homework: Using Captivate, create an educational “blog” post that would go on your favorite corporate site.

Outline: For my animation project, I will create a quick animated tutorial on how to save a high quality .png image for web using Photoshop. The animation will have a cute little animated character, much like the old school Microsoft paperclip helper named Clippy. This character will help the viewer navigate through photoshop and downsize their awesome high quality photos for the web while saving server space and speeding up the page’s load time!

Character could be a cute lil snail or worm.

Story Board: *a website’s spinning wheel of death is on a blank website page* Our helper will pop up and say “Sometimes I pop up for no particular reason, right now is not one of those times.” “Tired of long loading times?”, “It’s probably not helping that the photos on your website are JPEGs and are a gigabyte each…” “Let me show you how to save those images for web using Photoshop!”

I want to believe

IWantToBelieveThey hit us hard this time, taking 80% of our water supplies.

As scientist still try to formulate a method for producing synthetic water, the “Shadow Creatures” have taken over the world’s last water station today in the U.S. This is not the first time these creatures have ventured to Earth from a galaxy far, far away to steal our water.

Back in 2693,  The Shadow Creatures broke through our atmosphere’s defense system (set up by the World’s Air Force in 2515, after threats of an Alien invasion) knowing Earth was one of the last planets in our galaxy with water still prevalent. During this first attack, thousands were killed and the Shadow Creatures got away with almost 15% of Earth’s water supply (according to statistics from the Inter-Galactic News).

After the first attack, Earth’s Neighbor Mars (A settlement recently established by Martian, Matt Damon) helped build another barrier around Mars and Earth, knowing that Mars needed Earth for it’s water supply to sustain a solid establishment on the recently found settlement.

These barriers only slowed down and angered the Shadow Creatures, knowing that they would attack again, scientist have been trying to formulate a synthetic H20 compound that could be used in place of water. This substance could end the galactic search for water and bring our galaxy to piece. And after this recent attack, the Shadow Creatures have now taken more than 80% of Earth’s water supply and have killed almost 17.8% of the Earth’s population.

Earth’s President, Vladimare Jun Obaama recently stated, “We need our scientist to work harder now than ever, with unlimited funding and the support of other galaxies.”  he goes on, “We can’t beat them, we can only save them along with our selfs.” After the President’s speech, Scientist now have unlimited funding and big corporations such as Coca-Cola have backed down trying to regulate the water distribution.

We can only hope for a speedy conclusion as the fate of humans lay in the hands of these scientist.

Wheel of Emotion


Robert Pultchik’s Wheel of Emotions

Lab –

Contempt, surprise and anticipation

It was a long winter evening as Matt anticipated Noel’s arrival. She showed up on Matt’s front porch an hour early and banged on the cold damp front door. Surprised, Matt hurried to greet her, opening the door and apologizing for his delay. Noel did not respond, she walked into his house in contempt, as she took off her parka and placed it forcefully on the coat rack.

Homework –

Write a scene that explores all eight emotions. You may use the outer or inner ring. Think about this and make it a real story.

He sat in an old school style cafe on a Williamsburg side street in Brooklyn, waiting for her to show up. Every sip of his cappuccino fogged his thick glass’s lens as the early morning sunlight reflected off them to the newspaper he was gazing upon. “69th Masters Golf Tournament: Tiger Woods wins, shooting a 276,” Joseph was never a true fan of golf, he only follows it because Mr. Loving, Skyler’s father, is a fan of it. Joseph was repulsed by it, he had played it once before with some friends from his old high school, Joseph could not have been more bored with the sport a feared Skyler’s father would find out one day and be angry for lying to him. But that was the least of his worries…

Joseph was anticipating the arrival of Skyler, she has promised him that they would get coffee that Sunday. He feared that she would not show up because of a recent argument they had. The morning was starting to get warmer as Joseph took off his jacket still waiting for her arrival. He took a final sip of his drink and sighed with sadness. As Joseph folded the newspaper neatly, he looked up, surprised to see Skyler had finally arrived. She smiled at Joseph as he stood to greet her. Joseph was filled with joy as he knew she was no longer upset with him. He trusted that everything would be fine as they enjoyed that beautiful Sunday morning as they sipped their cappuccinos.


He Finally Caught the Fade

Ryan Joseph Coughlin

On the evening of February 27, 2070, Ryan passed away at St. John’s Hospital in Billings, MT as a result of injuries received in an super car accident earlier that day. Ryan was 85 years old. His wife, passenger Daisy Ridley (Rey in the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.) walked away with minor injuries.

Ryan Coughlin was born in the town of Richmond, Virginia at 5:15 AM on February 27, 1995. He was the second child, and the first son, of Lynn Coughlin and Joe Coughlin. Ryan Coughlin began as misfit child as well as his older sister Hannah Coughlin in Virginia, in 2007 him and his family relocated to Dublin, California due to a job change his father
had. Ryan dated many super models and was envied by millions. Married once, Ryan and his wife Daisy had a strong marriage for 65 years. After years of general school, Ryan found his calling as a web and graphic designer when he attended the Art Institute of California – San Francisco. Ryan gave more awards than he received, being the owner of pr-zm, the world renowned artists and designer website that featured the famous 30-Day Challenge.me

Ryan resided in San Francisco, near the beach where he surfed and skated often. Even at 95, Ryan could still backside kickflip a three block. His older sister lived a few blocks away and worked closely with him as a mentor. Ryan and Daisy had two children together, son John “Snow” Coughlin (35) and daughter Aria Coughlin (26).

Ryan’s funeral will take place Friday, March 12 in San Francisco then will be cremated. As described in his will, Ryan’s ashes will be scattered across the galaxy, far far away.